recruiting & hiring process


Mickey Trent’s background working in acute care settings as a healthcare recruiter has been instrumental in her success working with candidates throughout the recruiting and hiring process.

Mickey takes responsibility for creating a strong presentation for candidates who match the search criteria for career opportunities they have expressed interest in.

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Besides presenting interested candidates who are a solid match for a particular role, her knowledge of healthcare leadership roles and confidence in her relationships with her clients allows her some flexibility on working with candidates who may not be a direct match but have some skills that will offset what they could be missing.

Mickey will be transparent throughout the process, and you will know where you stand. If you are not selected for a role that you were interested in, she will keep you in her database and connect as she gets opportunities that could be a match in the future.

Mickey will also work with candidates who find themselves in the job market through no fault of their own by reviewing their resume and LinkedIn profile and giving them advice on their search.