Definition of Success

This is a message my Mom had attached to some documents that were left for my sister and me to go through after she passed away.

Old print of text

She was a role model for success – besides being the very best Mom that we could have hoped for, she was the first female attorney in our hometown of Morristown and the third female Sessions Court Judge in Tennessee.


All of her accomplishments were in the spirit of helping people.

She went into law because she saw injustice in the world.

Started a Drug & Alcohol recovery program to help people who were incarcerated because of addiction.


Started a work-release program to help people see a way forward and make progress while incarcerated.

When she passed away, we received numerous messages, letters, and verbal expressions of how Mom had been instrumental in the lives of the people that she served.

When we found this message, it was clear that she nailed success and left this recipe for us to follow and to share.